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  1. Which is called, City of Golden Temple?
    Ans. Amritsar
  2. The palace of Amritsar was given by Mughal Emperor
    Akabr to whom?
    Ans. Guru Ramdas
  3. Which section of IPC is applicable for death under
    Ans. 304 A
  4. Sharavati Project is in which state?
    Ans. Karnataka
  5. Balimela Project is in which state?
    Ans Orissa
  6. What does the Olympic flame symbolize?
    Continuity between new and ancient games
  7. Which city is called ‘City of Golden Gate?
    Ans. Sanfrancisco
  8. Does the earth rotate on its axis from?
    Ans. West to east
  9. After a declaration of financial emergency by the
    President, what is the period of operation without
    approval by the Parliament—
    Ans. Two Months
  10. Who publishes employment news?
    Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
  11. Which states in India are having their borders sharing
    with Myanmar?
    Ans. Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura & Meghalaya

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