Indian Constitution Gk & Economy With 5 years plan

Indian Constitution Gk  & Economy With  5 years plan
Indian Constitution Gk & Economy With 5 years plan
Dear Readers, Here is that the book of Indian Constitution Gk  & Economy  In Bengali version With  5 years plan for all types of competitive exams. These Indian Constitution Gk  & Economy With  5 years plan are asked in competitive exams and there are chances to ask once more for competitive exams.

Must read This book for the government (JOB) Preparation and prompt by many toppers and it should be read to urge command on the Indian political system and also the Constitution of India. The Constitution of India outlines the form of state that’s followed within the nation, along with an associate expansive list of doctrines. It consists of twenty-two elements that offer the structure that describes elemental political principles, protocols followed by government bodies and establishes the essential rights and duties of the citizens of the state.
Each part is split into articles, with some parts having chapters yet,
The Constitution of India features a total of 395 articles and twelve schedules. every article has notes for the reader’s reference for the aim of clarity.
The book includes all the updated amendments together with the Constitution (One Hundredth and 1st Amendment) Act, 2016.
The approve amendments included begin all the way from 1951 to 2016.
The Constitution of India is great for informative purposes yet as research-needs. This book is especially useful for those engaged in civil service because it lists out each aspect of the constitution of India with a lot of more notes.

Five Year Plan  | Bengali

An economic plan allocates the resources of a nation to fulfill the overall and specific goals as planned by the govt. for such period. In India, these plans are created for 5 years and therefore are known as 5-year plans. These 5-year plans are ultimately a short-term arrange for a perspective plan. A perspective set up outlines the long-run goals of a nation, spanning twenty years.
In India, after independence, the government founded a planning commission in 1950. This commission would be responsible for framing and implementing the 5-year plans of the country. They began their efforts with the first 5-year plan in 1950
অন্যান্য পলিটিক্যাল  (সংবিধান) থেকে গুরুত্বও পূর্ণ জিকে গুলো ডাউনলোড